May 3, 2019 - 10:22am -- Dave Cassens

This year’s Barbershopper of the Year Award goes to a young member of
the Pensacola Bay Harmonizer chorus who has impressed us all with his
faithfulness, recruiting capabilities, and zeal for this genre of music. It
seems not a week goes by that he doesn’t flood my inbox with
videos/articles/upcoming events that he’s itching to share with others. Not
only does he literally fill his car to the max EVERY TUESDAY, bringing
college guys to rehearsals, but he’s also the first to volunteer for less
exciting jobs like setting up risers, returning chairs after rehearsal, arriving
at events early and leaving late just to lend a helping hand. And, of course
he’s a born actor, so his inner comedian sparkles onstage, giving our
audiences, (and us) some laughs along the way.
He’s volunteered to coordinate the most complicated multi-quartet number
for our spring show and he does it with a smile. I’ve never once seen him
be disruptive in rehearsals, tag time, business meetings, or anywhere else
for that matter. He’s a peacemaker and a team player, and it does not go
unnoticed.  A member of the speech faculty at Pensacola Christian
College, he holds both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from Pensacola
Christian. We are incredibly honored to share the stage with Jacob Van
Hall, the 2019 Barbershopper of the Year. 

Mary Daugherty
2018 BOTY



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